Just say fuck it and get high

me every time someone asks for advice

narcerotic asked: My god how I wish I had found this blog earlier

you’re here now, that’s all that matters!

I’ll be announcing the sock giveaway winner on Wednesday!

fuckingtreesthough asked: Sorry if you've been asked this before but where do you get all your bowls? I seriously only have a tiny one so I make them out of random stuff most of the time but I want normal ones

Local headshops mostly, I have yet to find a legit online source for glass but I would say look for smoke shops in your area.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Or should I say high, love your blog! Just wanted to say.

Anonymous asked: How many times do you smoke a day?

as many times as the day calls for

Late Night Giveaway!

Since I’ve been slacking yet again I’m gonna make it up to you guys with another giveaway! It’s for these Odd Future Domo Genesis “high” socks. The white and green ones. Since I already have a pair (the black and green), I thought there might be someone out there who’d like them!


As always, it’s very easy to enter:

  • you must be following me and this blog (I do check when the winner is chosen )
  • to enter, all you have to do is reblog this post. one reblog = your username entered one time. likes do not count.
  • stay active with me, I don’t want this happening again.
  • winner will be fairly chosen with a random generator :)

Winner will be chosen August 31st & announced September 3rd

Previous giveaway winners: stoney-gilbertson, pureleaf420 and

one more day for anyone who wants to enter this one!

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stoner-wolves asked: Do you have a twitter account? Lol

yeah it’s @hyphyhousewife lolol

this is me 50 years from now

christopherhawker asked: I feel bad for you guys in the U.S - getting drug tested for a fucking job sucks bigtime. I'll smoke a bowl in celebration for you anyway.

I appreciate another stoner thinking of us!