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Anonymous asked: talking from experience, DO NOT SMOKE when you have bronchitis. it makes it last longer, worse and the coughs hurt like hell

even if its just once a day??? or a little bit

does anyone know if smoking (weed of course) affects bronchitis? like will i not get better if i keep smoking? I would do edibles but don’t have any sources at the moment

"Sometimes when I smoke a lot of marijuana I blackout and become really violent"

-no one ever

Anonymous asked: I'm smoking a BHO soaked weed joint and I woke up 20 minutes ago. Is that a good breakfast?

completely well balanced I’d say

Anonymous asked: I thought a girl ran this blog

i am a girl lol i post submissions people send me

emuswa asked: Do you ever stop and wonder what you would be like if you never started smoking?

Yes, and I think I’d personally be a very miserable person

sheshootem-down asked: My weedman won't text me back. This is the worst.


when I took my first dab

if you guys could do me a favor and follow my twitter

itll only take two seconds and ill follow everyone back!

forever avoiding eye contact with cashiers when buying munchies

yes, yes, yes, and yes.