I’ve been peeping a lot of other accounts, especially on twitter (you know who you are) stealing my posts. I understand twitter is a different platform. But I’ve had this blog since 2011. 90% of it is my original content. From one stoner to another, I would really just appreciate you giving me credit if you’re going to post something of mine. Thank you!

sent out the socks to the giveaway winner yesterday 😁😁😁

I had 99 problems till I got high and forgot them all

I hope that everyone reading this right now is having a good night ☺️

Here’s a list of anyone who’s ever died from smoking weed

I really need to burn one with him.


got weed? we dooooo
and a new bong (:

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Some girls collect shoes and then there’s me


So I’ve been looking at a few but there are so many different kinds so I was wondering if any of you have one of those funky macro lenses for your phone and if so which type is the best to go with?

jar-full-0f-drugs asked: what's the date for the wizza shirt giveaway

Haven’t decided yet, wanted to give people who aren’t that active a chance to get in on this oneΒ 

Show me the face you make after clearing a huge bong hit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ll post the best ones.

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